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Trucking Accidents

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General Trucking Accident Legal Information

While car accidents can often be exceedingly dangerous, when a trucking accident occurs, it is almost guaranteed that someone has been seriously injured. The massive size of trucks means that those car or motorcycle drivers and passengers who fall victim to the negligence of truckers or trucking companies are often severely injured or killed. Many accidents involving trucks are caused by the dangerous driving of truck drivers. Trucking companies often set deadlines that are all but impossible to reach, forcing truckers to drive at dangerous speeds and in a reckless manner. However, the demands placed on truck drivers certainly do not give them the right to drive dangerously. When truck drivers are exhausted and cannot drive to their full ability, their only option should be to pull over and rest.

Regardless of the cause of the accident, whether it be fatigue, drug and alcohol abuse, distraction, or simply reckless and aggressive driving, trucking accidents are often horrifically tragic. They cause immense pain for victims and their families.

With the population and number of drivers increasing every day, highways are becoming more and more crowded. This crowding makes the margin for driver error even smaller. Many people have experienced, or have been close to someone who has experienced, horrific trucking accidents. They can results from a number of situations, such as trucks moving too fast, following other motorists too closely, or other reckless driving. All of these situations can result in the same traffic end. Every day, irresponsible truckers speed down the highways of the United States, ignoring the safety of other motorists. Trucking companies encourage their drivers to speed and deliver their load as fast as possible, and pay their workers by the mile rather than by the hour. This creates a number of unsafe situations for other car drivers and motorcycle riders.

Legislation regarding truck drivers and trucking companies is very complicated, and an experienced attorney should be employed to navigate these laws and regulations. Trucking has become a very complex and difficult area of personal injury law, making your attorney selection all the more important. The body of laws regulating trucking operations, safe driving techniques, and trucking operation documentation require an attorney who has dealt with the process of trucking litigation and is competent in that sector of law. Such attorneys will be able to thoroughly investigate the accident’s cause and determine what the truck driver did wrong. This is essential in obtaining the maximum settlement for the injuries sustained in an accident, as well as compensation for the tragic loss of a loved one.

The attorneys at our firm are all very well versed in state law surrounding trucking and other personal injury law. We can review your accident and claim in order to advise you of all of your legal options. If you have fallen victim to a reckless truck driver and are seeking assistance with your trucking accident claim, please contact us for a free consultation.